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Summary In addition to the current universal human rights defined by the United Nations, open the evolution of human rights to all humans so that we can rapidly add more and get to a point of a comprehensive definition of rights. Additionally, for every right defined add the corollary responsibilities every human has to ensure these rights for themselves and all others.
Details We need to put the development, evolution and execution of our common human rights and responsibilities in the hands of all people not just entrusted to a select few to define and manage. A platform needs to be developed in which all can share equal access and input. A common understanding needs to be created that we are each and all of us responsible for ensuring our rights are exercised and evolve to meet the world as it is now and in the future as we grow in awareness and experience.

I would suggest we start with the best we have today and open it up and make it the foundation of all law, everywhere. Any laws that violate these rights and responsibilities be expunged from the global and local societies. The UN convention on human rights has the force of law no where, this must change and the way to change it is to begin campaigning for it and practicing it in our daily lives. The platform to collaborate on this has yet to be created however that is the easy bit. Harder but by. No means impossible will be to change our attitude toward whose responsibility it truly is to define, evolve and enforce these rights and responsibilities and get them ingrained in law and society globally.

Scale Universal
Priority Critical
Timeframe Permanent
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