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WeSolver is a way to learn about the most important problems that face us, what the solutions to those problems are and how to contribute to the projects working on those solutions.

WeSolver is also a way to share your knowledge of these problems and solutions and to create and promote your own projects so that others can find and contribute to your work.

Welcome to WeSolver!

Featured Problem

Name Problem Summary
People die without food People are dying in many parts of the world because they have nothing or not enough to eat

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Featured Solution

Name Solution Summary
Balancing the Earth's Resources with Human Needs Like every other species on Earth mankind must have a right to the resources it needs to be self sustaining; this includes land, water, sunlight, air, seeds, namely the vital necessities of life.

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Featured Project

Name Project Summary
Penny$hare The idea is to have a single button which you can press to donate a penny to anything you like online, whether that be a video, article, website etc. The key is in getting it onto platforms in a standard format that everyone knows and trusts.

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