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WeSolver is a way to learn about the most important problems that face us, what the solutions to those problems are and how to contribute to the projects working on those solutions.

WeSolver is also a way to share your knowledge of these problems and solutions and to create and promote your own projects so that others can find and contribute to your work.

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Featured Problem

Name Problem Summary
War The problems war causes are many and the only time it can rationally be morally justified is in direct defense of the life of any people that are being attacked by a warring people. The problem is how to ensure that only as a last resort is a war ever conducted and only for just, moral, rational reasons.

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Featured Solution

Name Solution Summary
Opensource Architecture Open-source architecture (OSArc) is an emerging paradigm describing new procedures for the design, construction and operation of buildings, infrastructure and spaces. Drawing from references as diverse as open-source culture, avant-garde architectural theory, science fiction, language theory, and others, it describes an inclusive approach to spatial design, a collaborative use of design software and a transparent operation throughout the course of a building and city's life-cycle.

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Featured Project

Name Project Summary
Water Canary After a crisis, how can we tell if water is safe to drink? Current tests are slow and complex, and the delay can be deadly, as in the cholera outbreak after Haiti's earthquake in 2010.

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