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Summary News and public analysis of events should be subjected to the scientific principal. News can be reported by anyone, vetted by anyone and the entire process should be aimed at truth seeking as the highest ideal.
Details All people should pursue the truth to the greatest extent they are capable of it. Sources of news should list their facts and analysis and include their sources and apply the scientific principal to vetting "truth" by attempting to prove anything presented as a fact and opening up to public evaluation of their process of verification. That is the best approximation of truth I can imagine being possible at our current society, hopefully this too will evolve with the rest of our social evolution over time.

This boils down to crowdsourcing news in the specific sense of crowdsourcing proof of the "truth" being presented by news. I would go further and say that any source of news that is not transparent about the process and open about sources and opposing information (not necessarily opinion) is at least disingenuous if not dishonest and should not be trusted as a source of "truth".

Scale Global
Priority Critical
Timeframe Permanent
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