Balancing the Earth's Resources with Human Needs

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Summary Like every other species on Earth mankind must have a right to the resources it needs to be self sustaining; this includes land, water, sunlight, air, seeds, namely the vital necessities of life.
Details Our systems of exploitive capitalism for profit have created a situation in which millions of people worldwide live in desperation. The demand for profit requires the wealthy to determine the distribution of resources in their favor with obvious moral shortfalls. The continuous expansion and drive for consumerism of the profit model are causing us to destroy the environment that we need to sustain our lives. This must end and must be replaced with a system of balance. We have a finite ecosystem on our small space station called Earth and if we manage it badly we may all die here together on our journey through the stars. But we have to hand the tools necessary to make Earth a beautiful ride for all of us. We must pick up those tools and use them.

There is a solution and that requires that we recognise the rights of humanity over the rights of profits. The rights of humanity must include the right to a share of the land and resources that each person needs to create their self-sustainability. Like birds, fish and mammals the free right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be a mandate for each of us and not the purview of the wealthy or the greedy or the violent. Humans with rights to land, water, food and shelter are not dependent on banks, on government or on jobs for their survival and they are truly free. Truly free men and women make different decisions than those under the control of powerful and immoral entities like corporations and their governments.

Once every person is assured the right to his survival then the creation of economies, governments and culture will be built to serve free populations throughout the world. People will own their home outright, their food supply will be local but can be supported in times of natural emergencies by a world food/resource bank that supports people in need. This would be the only imposed tax on any population. Any other infrastructure would be agreed to by those using it but with the overall care of the planet's ecology kept in balance.

If we think of ourselves as the passengers on a space craft with a finite ecosystem on a journey that will take many generations to complete we can begin helping and supporting each other so we all arrive at our destination rested, well fed and in wonderful condition. We can imagine that the people that greet us at the ultimate arrival gate will talk in wonderment about our collective capacity for mutual care and respect, our healthy bodies and bright, intelligent and educated minds. We can help each other to achieve these things or we can go on travelling on this ship wherein the passengers sabotage each other, steal each other's resources and food, blow each other up or poison each other and arrive at the destination a stinking mass of paranoid power thugs and starving, barbarian victims only to be looked on in horror by the host planet and then blown to smithereens to avoid contamination of their own population.

So let's all agree to change the paradigm to the one that we can all enjoy and be proud of.

Trish House Natural Dam, Arkansas, U.S.A

Scale Universal
Priority Emergency
Timeframe Permanent
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